Tactical Simplex Frequencies

Please program these simplex frequencies into your mobile and HT radios for “tactical” use during special events and other occasions when we need to establish local communication without use of a repeater. These frequencies were selected for use, because they fall into the ARRL band plan for VHF and UHF simplex communication.

Be careful to not program any PL tones or offsets with these frequencies. Both the transmit and the receive frequency should be the ones listed below. The channel names listed are suggestions only; feel free to name them anyway you want.

Special thanks to the Central Arkansas UHF Club, who first suggested these frequencies for tactical operational use. Any other clubs are welcome to use the same set of frequencies, as common use could prove beneficial to us all in the event of an emergency requiring extended coordination.

VTAC-1 146.520 MHzUTAC-1446.000 MHz
VTAC-2146.535 MHzUTAC-2446.025 MHz
VTAC-3146.550 MHzUTAC-3446.050 MHz
VTAC-4146.565 MHzUTAC-4446.075 MHz
VTAC-5146.580 MHzUTAC-5446.100 MHz