W5OLA Repeater

Click the button above to listen to a livestream of the W5OLA repeater. Please note there is about a 90-second delay between the repeater and the livestream.

Here is information you need in order to use the W5OLA repeater in Ola, Arkansas. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us a message so we can find the answer for you.

Repeater Output Frequency: 147.210 MHz (this is the frequency YOU listen on)

Repeater Input Frequency: 147.810 MHz (this is the frequency YOU transmit on)

Repeater PL Tone: 114.8 Hz

You are REQUIRED to use the PL tone when you transmit. The repeater will not retransmit your signal if you do not program the PL tone into your radio for transmitting. You can optionally use the PL tone on receive in order to reduce undesirable noise on your radio caused by weak signals from other transmitters (e.g. distant repeaters) on the same frequency.