Tune in for our weekly net

The Two Rivers Amateur Radio Group conducts a weekly net on the Ola repeater on 147.210 MHz. The net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators, so please put it on your calendar and check in.

The primary purpose of the net will be to share information and provide club members and other amateur radio operators a chance to meet online, practice net protocol and exchange information.

How to check in to an amateur radio club net:

  1. Tune your radio to the Ola repeater on 147.210 MHz, using a positive offset (+0.6MHz) and a 114.8 Hz PL tone.
  2. Wait for the net control operator to start the net and ask for check-ins.
  3. Wait for a break in the action, then key your mic and say “Net control” then pause and un-key your mic and listen for one or two seconds to make sure you’re not doubling with another operator.
  4. If you don’t hear anyone else, then key the mic again, and say “Net control, please check in ________” and give your call sign phonetically using the standard NATO alphabet, followed by your name and location. Then state whether you have any “traffic” for the net. “Traffic” refers to information that you want to share with the net. (Why is it called traffic?)
  5. Un-key the mic and listen while other stations check in.
  6. The Net Control Station (NCS) will pause every few check-ins and read back the stations they have recorded on the log. Listen for your details to confirm the NCS recorded your information correctly.
  7. If you don’t hear your name and call sign, then check-in again when the NCS asks for more check-ins. You may have “doubled” with another operator and the NCS may not have heard you. If you try again and don’t get through, request someone to relay your information to the NCS.

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